The Latest Version of Smart Hangzhou 2022 Goes Online

2021/04/14 10:57

Born for the Asian Games, serve for the Asian games. The latest version of Smart Hangzhou 2022 went online on January 28. 

Search "亞運" on Alipay and you can start a pleasant journey with Smart Hangzhou 2022 right away!

The navigation section includes Knowledge, Food, Trip, International Hangzhou, Public Benefit of the Asian Games, and other modules. Current activities are shown on the recommendation section in the bottom in slides. 

"Run to 2022: Be an Asian Games Torchbearer", the most popular activity on the mini-program at present, is displayed on the upper part of the homepage in a big block of bright color. 

"Award-Winning Topics" not only provides more convenient access for netizens to take part in the discussion of relevant topics but creates harmonious atmosphere for everyone to get involved in the event. Various special topics on the Asian Games will be discussed here. 

"Colorful Videos" collects multi-dimensional videos about Hangzhou Asian Games. You can sit in the "Reception Room of the Asian Games", listening to in-depth explanation and authoritative interpretation of the preparation work of the event. You can feel the aesthetics recorded in images and videos with "Hi, Asian Games", just like hanging out with some old friend. You can also follow twisting, interesting storylines and enjoy colorful pictures in award-winning cartoon works to discover a different Hangzhou Asian Games in two-dimensional space. 

"Hot Activities" provides an access to various activities about Hangzhou Asian Games, such as story collection of "Hi, Asian Games" and Asian Games Q&A. Users can get the latest news about the Asian Games and even take part in the activities directly. 

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