2023-09-06 18:30

First individuals in Asian Games history of Wenzhou

Ever Since the 8th Asian Games Bangkok 1978, athletes from Wenzhou have been a consistent presence. Do you know the "first individuals" in Asian Games history of Wenzhou?

2023-08-17 17:28

Ruins of ancient port evidence to prosperity of Maritime Silk Road

On the vast blue sea, the Maritime Silk Road is a link between different civilizations, bearing witness to the communication and exchanges between the Chinese nation and the world with rich cultural heritage resources.

2023-08-11 15:25

Wenzhou swimmers triumph over English Channel crossing challenge

On August 4, at 14:29 local time in France, four winter swimming enthusiasts from Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province successfully crossed the English Channel in relay in less than 12 hours.

2023-08-09 14:59

Ancient port reveals its secrets

Finds at best site of its kind in China fill in gaps in record of Maritime Silk Road, Xu Xiaodan and Wang Ru report in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

2023-08-04 16:37

Wenzhou's theatrical posters go viral overseas

Wenzhou operas have become an online sensation recently owing to their theatrical allure.

2023-07-21 17:22

Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway ready for operation in 2024

The track laying construction of Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway was started on July 21. Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway would get ready for operation in June, 2024.

2023-07-14 16:32

1h enough from Wenzhou to Hangzhou by train

Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-speed Railway (Phase II) is about to be put into operation, the time of taking the high-speed railway from Hangzhou to Wenzhou will be shortened from two hours to one hour.

2023-07-11 13:43

Wenzhou's cultural tourism seamlessly merges into the Yangtze River Delta market

Through 3 specialized promotions in 5 days, Wenzhou unveiled remarkable routes, forged numerous agreements and realized fruitful collaborations, making a resounding impact in key tourist cities of the Yangtze River Delta - Shanghai, Ningbo and Hangzhou.

2023-07-07 13:39

Expats invited to serve as Asian Games journalists in Wenzhou

Wenzhou University recently organized a special event for 25 international residents living and working in Wenzhou as well as international students from various Asian countries and regions.

2023-07-04 16:14

Zhejiang's first breaking dancer to gear up for Hangzhou Asian Games

As the only member from Zhejiang in the Chinese Breaking Team, Zeng Yingying stands out with brilliant prowess. She aims big for the world championship and the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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