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Swimming is a competitive sport in the water, including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

The competition pool of swimming at the Hangzhou Asian Games is 50 metres long and 25 metres wide, with a depth of 3 metres. Athletes need to complete the race in the 2.5-metre-wide lanes. The walls at both ends of each lane are equipped with touch panels with electronic timers which stop as soon as athlete's contact is sensed.

Swimming at the Hangzhou Asian Games consists of two stages each day, with preliminaries in the morning and finals in the evening.

The swimming of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena from September 24 to September 29, where the athletes will compete for 41 gold medals.


VenueHangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena
24/9/2023 SundaySWM0110:00-12:00W200m ButterflyHeats
M200m Individual MedleyHeats
W1500m FreestyleSlow Heat
M100m FreestyleHeats
W50m BreaststrokeHeats
M100m BackstrokeHeats
W4×100m Freestyle RelayHeats
SWM0219:30-21:30W200m ButterflyFinal
M200m Individual MedleyFinal
W1500m FreestyleFast Heat
M100m FreestyleFinal
W50m BreaststrokeFinal
M100m BackstrokeFinal
W4×100m Freestyle RelayFinal
25/9/2023 MondaySWM0310:00-12:00M50m BackstrokeHeats
W50m BackstrokeHeats
M50m FreestyleHeats
W200m FreestyleHeats
M100m BreaststrokeHeats
W200m Individual MedleyHeats
M4×200m Freestyle RelayHeats
SWM0419:30-21:30M50m BackstrokeFinal
W50m BackstrokeFinal
M50m FreestyleFinal
W200m FreestyleFinal
M100m BreaststrokeFinal
W200m Individual MedleyFinal
M4×200m Freestyle RelayFinal
26/9/2023 TuesdaySWM0510:00-12:00W100m FreestyleHeats
M400m Individual MedleyHeats
W200m BackstrokeHeats
M1500m FreestyleSlow Heat
W400m FreestyleHeats
M4×100m Medley RelayHeats
SWM0619:30-21:30W100m FreestyleFinal
M400m Individual MedleyFinal
W200m BackstrokeFinal
M1500m FreestyleFast Heat
W400m FreestyleFinal
M4×100m Medley RelayFinal
27/9/2023 WednesdaySWM0710:00-12:00W100m ButterflyHeats
M100m ButterflyHeats
W100m BackstrokeHeats
M200m FreestyleHeats
W100m BreaststrokeHeats
W400m Individual MedleyHeats
Mixed4×100m Medley RelayHeats
SWM0819:30-21:30W100m ButterflyFinal
M100m ButterflyFinal
W100m BackstrokeFinal
M200m FreestyleFinal
W100m BreaststrokeFinal
W400m Individual MedleyFinal
Mixed4×100m Medley RelayFinal
28/9/2023 ThursdaySWM0910:00-12:00W50m FreestyleHeats
M50m ButterflyHeats
W200m BreaststrokeHeats
M200m BreaststrokeHeats
M800m FreestyleSlow Heat
M4×100m Freestyle RelayHeats
W4×200m Freestyle RelayHeats
SWM1019:30-21:30W50m FreestyleFinal
M50m ButterflyFinal
W200m BreaststrokeFinal
M200m BreaststrokeFinal
M800m FreestyleFast Heat
M4×100m Freestyle RelayFinal
W4×200m Freestyle RelayFinal
29/9/2023 FridaySWM1110:00-12:00W50m ButterflyHeats
M50m BreaststrokeHeats
W800m FreestyleSlow Heat
M200m BackstrokeHeats
M400m FreestyleHeats
M200m ButterflyHeats
W4×100m Medley RelayHeats
SWM1219:30-21:30W50m ButterflyFinal
M50m BreaststrokeFinal
W800m FreestyleFast Heat
M200m BackstrokeFinal
M400m FreestyleFinal
M200m ButterflyFinal
W4×100m Medley RelayFinal
Note: The competition schedule is subject to change in accordance with the competition procedures and broadcasting circumstances.

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