Table Tennis

2022/04/08 18:04

Table tennis is sometimes referred to as ping-pong due to the sound the ball makes when it hits a surface. It is a sport that can be played by two or four players like tennis. The players hit a lightweight, hollow ball to each other using 'bats'.

The game takes place on a hard table with a length of 2.74m, a width of 1.525m and a height of 76cm above the ground, divided by a small net, the top of which is 15.25cm away from the table.

Players must allow a ball played towards them only one bounce on their side of the table and must return it so that it bounces on the opposite side. Points are scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules.

Table tennis was first incorporated into the Olympic Games in 1988 and the Asian Games in 1958.

The table tennis of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held in Gongshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium from September 22 to October 2, and the athletes will compete for 7 gold medals.


VenueGongshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium
22/9/2023 FridayTTE110:00Men's and Women's TeamRound 1
TTE216:00Men' s and Women' s TeamRound 2
23/9/2023 SaturdayTTE310:00Men's and Women's TeamRound 3
24/9/2023 SundayTTE410:00Men's and Women's TeamRound of 16
TTE516:00Men's and Women's TeamQuarter-Finals
25/9/2023 MondayTTE610:00Mixed DoublesRound of 64
Women's TeamSemi-Finals
TTE716:00Men's TeamSemi-Finals

26/9/2023 Tuesday
TTE814:00Women's TeamFinal
TTE919:00Men's TeamFinal

27/9/2023 Wednesday
TTE1010:00Men's DoublesRound of 64
Women's Doubles
Men's Singles
TTE1116:00Women's SinglesRound of 64
Mixed DoublesRound of 32
28/9/2023 ThursdayTTE1210:00Mixed DoublesRound of 16
Women's SinglesRound of 32
Men's Doubles
TTE1316:00Women's DoublesRound of 32
Men's Singles
Mixed DoublesQuarter-Finals
29/9/2023 FridayTTE1410:00Women's SinglesRound of 16
Men's Doubles
TTE1516:00Women's DoublesRound of 16
Men's Singles
Mixed DoublesSemi-Finals
30/9/2023 SaturdayTTE1612:00Men's DoublesQuarter-Finals
Women's Singles
TTE1717:00Women's DoublesQuarter-Finals
Men's Singles
Mixed DoublesFinal
1/10/2023 SundayTTE1812:00Men's DoublesSemi-Finals
Women's Singles
TTE1918:30Men's DoublesFinal
Women's Singles
2/10/2023 MondayTTE2012:00Women's DoublesSemi-Finals
Men's Singles
TTE2118:30Women's DoublesFinal
Men's Singles
Note: The competition schedule is subject to change in accordance with the competition procedures and broadcasting circumstances.

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